Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Toothfairy Returns and Takes My Heart With Her

Minutes ago, I slipped a hand under my daughter's pillow to make sure that the toothfairy did her job. You might recall a previous blog (http://cafecatiche.blogspot.com/2010/05/preserving-magic-tooth-fairy.html) in which the toothfairy had not met certain requirements. This evening, my daughter wrote a note to her, which when I read, brought tears to my eyes. A marked closure of certain aspects of her childhood had suddenly found me. What I had not realized before was that my daughter might also see the loss of her last tooth in this light. Below is the precious exchange that took place this past evening, with all spelling and language preserved as found in the original letters:

Dear Miss Queensipia,

I lost my last tooth. I will be missing you and those bumble bees learned their lesson really well. Lucky says hello. Farewell. I'll miss always. I hope you serve my children if I have any.

With love,

(my daughter's name)

P.S. (Brother's name) can't wait to have a loose tooth and lose it then give it to you by putting under his pillow. I will always remember you.

The fairy, of course, is gifted in her ability to provide a quick response. Her letter stands here as closure to this wonderful period in a child's life:

July 6, 2010, 2:20 AM

My Fair (Daughter's name),

Sweeter words were never spoken. I think you are perhaps the only child I know who has taken the time to acknowledge the loss of the final baby tooth with such sincere and mellifluous candor. Thank you, dear child, for this farewell note. I fear that you may think your childhood ends with my receipt of this one tooth; it does not. I will be always present in magic and memory, and my tradition certainly will live with your brother and the children that you of course will have.

With greatest affection and respect for you, a true princess among children, yours most truly,

Queespisia June Petalis

Senior Level Tooth Fairy

Richmond Station 10-A

P.S. Please note that the treacherous situation with the bumblebees has since been remedied with a truce, and I was, in fact, escorted by them on this prized journey this evening.

Should every child be so blessed with such grace. Good night, Readers.

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