Sunday, July 18, 2010

Return to Me

I am just in this thing right now, this awkward place. I know who I am, but where am I going? I have been considering a multidisciplinary PhD program at a prestigious university and even the research for the application has opened holes in my heart that are bigger than the ones already there. One of the current students there had the following beautiful *video on her blog:


Listening to the music, I began to realize how much I miss a true life in the arts-- the smell of paint, the sound of musicians warming up in their studios, the exchange of ideas--and really, the vast realm of possibility that exists in such an environment. If you watch this embedded video, truly look for the expression in the face of the violinist, the source of the percussion (a magazine shredded one page at a time, a rapping on the elevator ceiling), and the density of musicians performing elegantly in a packed and unlikely space. I ask myself, who thought of this?

An artist did. I am an artist. At least I was once. And I miss her terribly.

*"Neon Bible" by Arcade Fire

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