Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long Time, No See

These days, I don't write much, but I'd like to. I'm just too tired. Full time work, commuting, and kids have a way of inhibiting one from indulging in certain pursuits. Frankly, I don't talk to many people on the phone any more either--and sending email to me is no guarantee of a return response. I see it in my box and think that I just might get to it. This week I finally found time to read and answer emails that were sent months ago. Oops.

My silence has not stopped people from reading this blog though, and I am greatly amused to say that the one about the ugly dog has attracted the most hits. (I'd provide the link, but that's energy I just can't burn this minute.) Periodically, I get a comment that I don't post--like the one from a woman complaining and disagreeing about my point of view of academic paper farms-- the companies that sell pre-written papers to students who submit them to professors as the student's own work. (The woman told me that students who work and parent need all the help they can get. I'm not sorry to say she'll never get me to agree with her.) Or the one from a friend who complained that I don't write anything funny anymore. That's funny, because I really don't even write anymore. I've been asked to write on various topics here or to allow guest posts. I haven't done that either.

I don't feel too bad though. I'm just busy in a job I really, really feel good about doing, and when my kids aren't trying to beat each other into subservience, I am enjoying them a lot, too. It's just a new phase--this incredible focus on career and the nuclear family. It's okay. I'm doing what I should be doing. And I'll eventually get back into routine on the blog.

See you sometime?