Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name... Could be a Syndrome

Light humor today after a funny discussion with my sister. We can’t help but associate the names of certain flowers with diseases. It’s just too easy.

Creeping Phlox- It itches, it spreads, it could be an STD. Enough said.

Genistra- Something only your gynecologist could know. I think it develops from acute untreated Creeping Phlox.

Gloxinia-Toxic levels of something in the blood stream. May cause black outs.

Scabiosa- Definitely a skin condition. Please don’t pick at it.

Ranunculus- One of those long lasting bronchial afflictions.

Tritoma- Definitely a terminal condition. Whatever it is.

I would not be stretching things to say that there are also flower names that sound like medications as well.

Viburnum- Related to valium. Makes you feel happy and see colors.

Cyclamen- Definitely an antibiotic. Used to treat Genistra.

Eglantine- Relieves coughing associated with Ranunculus when taken orally. Might even be a nice topical relief ointment for that phlox case you’ve got.

Guess it’s no accident that many medications are derived from plants…

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  1. A few more:

    Stephanotis - something every bride wants in her bouquet for marital happiness; however, it sounds more like something that should be treated with penicillin

    Alstromeria - related to dementia

    Wisteria - a more advanced type of dementia

    Bougainvillea - an affliction typically experienced by the rich when they travel to exotic places

    Jonquil - a daily dose Jergen's lotion should cure those

    Thistle - a splinter on the tongue

    Tulip - related to the harelip

    Yucca - it's definitely disgusting

    Aster - related to the hemorrhoid

    Peony - if you do that, you better clean it up

    Crocus - definitely terminal


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