Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bond, Rabbit, Bond

You will not believe this, but the rabbit has forged a bond with my husband. I watched the little critter dance right up to the cage door and nudge a certain human hand for affection.

“Rabbit,” I said to the little fellow later, “it appears as though you and the other feeder have a bit of friendly dialogue going these days.”

“Preposterous!” announced the rabbit.

“I was there, the food bowl was full, the water bottle was full, and you still had half a novel left to read. You needed nothing but creature comforts and conversation.”

The rabbit whuffled a bit, twitched his whiskers, and turned one big brown eye toward me.

“Maybe,” he winked.

What possibly could have brought on this change? My husband insists that nothing is afoot other than simple could fellowship. I did see him gift the rabbit a stalk of celery this weekend, in fact. Maybe gratitude is at play once and for all. Simple gestures go a long way even with the smallest creatures.

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  1. i wouldn't read too much into it, i've a notion the motives are strictly epicurean, albeit veiled...with intent.


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