Monday, July 18, 2011

Rabbit Rebukes

"When you're happy, I'm happy!" said my husband this week.
"Well, when you're happy, I'm happy, too!" I responded, and then I added, "But when Chester is happy, ain't nobody happy."
"Do you think he's that much of a curmudgeon?" asked my husband.
"Yes," I said, "Absolutely."

How the family rabbit came to bear such irascibility, I don't know. He has preferences about everything, and should I not know them innately, he shuns my presence by pointing his furry rear end my way and harrumphing or other such behavior. For example, later this week my husband was slicing and bagging fresh okra for the freezer. In the process, he came across a particularly hard pod. Knowing that my rabbit enjoys fresh veggies and that the tougher varieties are good for keeping his teeth in good health, I brought the okra to him. He did not like it. He even tried to hide it, and ultimately, as I retrieved it and threw it away, he gave me the silent treatment.

A day or two passed and then Chester lightened up... a little. I mused about this with my husband.
"He's speaking to me again!" I said eagerly.
"F you doesn't count," my husband replied. Point made.


  1. At least Chester doesn't have needle-esque claws to show his disdain!

  2. Mrs. C;

    Ole' Chester is biding his time. His plans are in work. He has friends on the outside, tunnels are being dug, false identifications are being made, disguises are being crafted. He is organizing his forces. Be afraid, very afraid.

    In his mind he is free, and you can never take that away from him. He has plots with in plots, he can speak a dozen rabbit languages, navigate with astounding accuracy. In a few days, he can be off the grid, out of sight, nothing but a memory.

    /removes tongue from cheek/

  3. David, I was in the grocery when this comment came through on email. Almost died laughing. Yes, Chester can be "disappeared" as some say...


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