Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He Ain't Ugly; He's My Dog

I had a drink with neighbors this weekend as they barbecued for company. They were still laughing about my complaint to them Friday when I came home to find about six screaming girls trampling my lawn, the chaos confusing not just me but an awful looking little dog who had come with them. I had walked next door and asked this simple question:

"Why are there two hundred girls on my lawn and one ugly-ass dog tied to my porch?"

It didn't take long to sort matters out, the girls having come to retrieve my daughter early for a slumber party she was attending a block away. I still don't understand, however, the puggle with the underbite.

We're spoiled enough here to have a gloriously beautiful dog, the kind of dog, my husband says, was a supermodel in her former life. And she is, appearance aside, an excellent dog. Of course, I have always claimed to love an ugly dog because I used to have a sharpei who looked through his wrinkles in perpetual concern for me. But there is unconventional beauty, and then there is ugly.

The puggle is not my preferred breed of ugly-cute, but she is an affectionate dog, and someone loves her. I recently came across a wonderful article in Oprah about a woman who falls in love with an ugly dog; the picture of it was fairly off-putting. I have seen the ugliest of dogs at barns for some reason (guess you wouldn't want the beasts in your house either), but I think the ugly-beats-all award should go to this particular Chinese Crested named Sam:

Just looking at the dog makes me need therapy.


  1. You're right. This is the ugliest dog I have ever seen. Chinese Crested are, by far, the ugliest dogs, and this one is the ugliest of the uglies.

  2. Jaden- it dose not matter how it looks its all about how much you love it and how its personality is. It could be the ugliest dog in the world but, have the best personality!!!


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