Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Handy and Dandy

Home Depot has long been one of my favorite places to shop. I have spent the occasional day this summer pouring over the flowers in the garden section. I fantasize about turning the front lawn into a semi-bricked and grassless courtyard, generous and hospitable with blooming daisies and bowing lilies, and fringed at the corners with cypress or Japanese maples… and tons of lacey white azalea… and hibiscus… and…. I think you get the point. This time, I found myself in the kitchen and bath section, and then windows and doors. After several deep sighs, I settled on a more practical expense for a renter: a tube of caulk and a set of scrapers.

All I can say about the last person who caulked the tub in the kids’ bathroom is that he must have done this blindly. It was the most botched caulk job I have ever seen. Not a finger-smoothed bead in site. I spent thirty minutes scraping and prying layers of moldy, gross old caulk out of the tile and tub area. (What I really should have bought at Home Depot, in addition to the caulk and scraper, was a haz mat suit.) Right now, the area has been bleached, is drying, and waiting for a fresh coating of anti-mildew caulk. I could smack myself for being the smug caulker, but I cannot wait to finish the job and show my husband, not that he ever doubted my handy capabilities.

Maybe he will be so tickled he’ll give me a Home Depot gift card. There were these really pretty bowls of Shasta Daisies with Spike and flowing variegated ivy… and red deck chairs… and pretty ceramic planters in a myriad of shiny colors….

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