Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Endearing Qualities

Endearing qualities are things regarding our partners that cannot possibly be appreciated fully by others. Quirky becomes charming when accompanied by love. Since my last post poked fun jabs at my husband, I thought I should tell you about his most endearing qualities. I adore him for all of these things, including his druthers about pots and pans, sponges, and toilet seats.

• When he concentrates in thought, his lower lip fairly well disappears under his upper one.

• Both his earlobes are creased.

• He wears reading glasses perched down at the edge of his straight nose so he can see when he eats. He also wears them when he is wearing his other glasses… and walks about the house this way as though it is normal…Mr. Six Eyes.

• When he drives, his left hand rests against his leg so that his fingers rest top-knuckle-side pressed against him, but his palm folds upright about 90 degrees. It looks most uncomfortable, but his long graceful hands are relaxed in this manner.

• He always polishes his shoes before taking them off after work.

• He repairs what is broken and uses it until it is either too shabby or no longer repairable. This goes for the belt clip of his cell-phone carrier, the heels of his shoes, his glasses. He is not wasteful and is not quick to trash what can still be used. He is a big fan of Gorilla Glue and duct tape. This week, he W-D 40’d my truck locks without being asked. I was grateful.

• He warms my side of the bed with his own body on cold nights. This is the most adorable act of love I have experienced, and so now I like to warm his side of the bed in the same manner on the nights I am first in bed.

• He makes, as you know, my favorite coffee, and brings it to me in bed each morning.

• He teaches my son the kinds of airplanes his toys actually are… B-17s, P-51s, Twin Otters, PBYs… and has taught him the parts… wing, tail, vertical stabilizer, float.

• He naps on the floor next to the dog at night sometimes.

• He will stand toe to toe with me and bend his head to touch mine in a wordless gesture that conveys unlimited love, gratitude, and/or sympathy, depending on the situation. He will also just cradle my cheek in his hand. When he does this, the world becomes still and silent.

There’s a passage in Corinthians that states, “Love bears all things,” which can be interpreted so many ways. Love is the cushion for hardship, love brings with it a hundred other emotions, love creates circumstance, and love makes it possible to bear your spouse’s preference for sponge use and toilet seat lids. Love teaches you to find traits in your partner unique to his personality and cherish them. So, cheers to you, beloved husband, to your perfectly shined shoes, the gorilla glue on your cell-phone carrier, and to the fine lines etched in your earlobes. I love you.

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