Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Worthy

We have nicknames for certain people in our lives: Kenny G, Bigfoot, He Who Must Not Be Named, Hey Baby… just to give you an example of at least four of them. My daughter, without blinking an eye, just asked me if I had seen Hey Baby recently. The fact that this rolled off her tongue so easily sent me howling with laughter, but she wasn’t kidding.

“Really,” she wanted to know, “Where is he these days? Whatever happened to Hey Baby?”

We called him Hey Baby because of how he crooned those words to each female that happened into his presence. To get an idea of how much of a problem this was, take this example:

My husband once told him lightly, “I wouldn’t trust you with my wife.”

Hey Baby’s response? “I wouldn’t trust myself with your wife either.”

Let’s just say that Hey Baby is most definitely blog worthy, even just for his nickname alone. When I asked if my husband had any recent news about Kenny G and Bigfoot, he chuckled about that being worth a blog, but in this case, to protect the innocent, I’ll just stop with that reference.

It’s funny what triggers a blog. Mine are usually inspired by well-timed conversations. There is plenty to write these days, but often I write without publishing it. Some things are just too private or perhaps, I save it to be reworked. I have an article I wrote last year that has expanded and collapsed, been decimated and restructured, and will cycle again through that series of punishments. It may never see the light of day, or if it does, it just might be two short paragraphs for a year’s worth of thought. It’s about the Hooters mothers on the playground one day last year.

Yeah, definitely blog worthy.

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