Saturday, February 27, 2010

Read, Rabbit, Read

Cleaning out the rabbit’s cage this week, I found a tattered, nibbled copy of Paul Fussell’s Class.

“Ha!” I exclaimed pointing my finger to the haughty creature. “This explains everything!”

“Well,” he snuffed, “it’s not as deprecatory as you might think. More factual, really. The neighborhood rabbit association and I were conducting a contextual analysis should we substitute certain words with rabbit, hare, bunny, or lagomorph.”

“This is not a good book for you, Rabbit. You should be reading something that opens your eyes to the plight of the working class. Something about American poverty to take the edge off your hubris. How about Grapes of Wrath?”

“Ugh,” he said, “Read it. Not one damn grape in the whole book.”

Sometimes with rabbits, you just can’t win.

In fact, you might want to see this youtube video…

Seems like rabbits could be a lot of trouble, even in the medieval years. :-)

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