Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad, Bad Movies

Today is a short post due to a large stack of other work. There's no prose here, just a rant.

Don't waste your time renting these two terrible films: Nights in Rodanthe and A Serious Man. Nights tries to elicit sympathy from the viewer and fails due to its long-winded nature, predictability, and lack of believability. Tragedy induced fits of laughter from my husband and I kept scratching my head over the multiple errors in the hurricane scenes-- the timing of preparation, the detritus of aftermath when the house only has broken windows, just to name a few. By the time Richard Gere's character dies, I was ready to die, too. My husband said we should have placed bets on who dies and how once we saw the movie playing in the usual Nicholas Sparks format.

The other film aims for humor and falls so short that it induces sleep. Literally. A Serious Man came recommended. Why? For example, what did the opening scene, a flashback to the past, have to do with the rest of the film at all? It was at least, the only good part however. Everything was downhill after that... at least the parts where I remained awake.

Good movie recommendations anyone?


  1. Movie recommendations: How Green was My Valley. Gets me every time. Also, True Grit. Not your typical John Wayne film. Well, maybe kinda. But, the dialog captivates. Who woulda thought a western could sound like Shakespeare? "I'll not put a thief in my mouth to steal my brain." Classic!

  2. Oh (i can't resist) now thats funny right there, you write about Sisyphus and guess who shows up?

  3. And that in itself is an indication of the quality of the readers--that they catch such things. ;-)


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