Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Revolutions and Other Teeny Holiday Glimpses

With the holidays at a close, there is so much I would like to write about, but can just sum up events in a series of snippets. I'll let your imagination fill in the rest. See below:

  • Recently, my eleven-year-old told me she had a New Year's revolution. I corrected her, but frankly I like her version of the word better. Keeping promises can be revolutionary. Let's roll with that.

  • It took me five minutes to decode my son's complaint to me this Christmas. It began with "aweeweewish." I asked him, "WHAT?" And he repeated, "Aweeweewish you wouldn't use my airpwane to wite a note to schoow." Translation: I really wish. Got it. Note to self: Ask teacher about speech therapist.

  • Christmas letters that capitalize on a family's success and perfection can be annoying. The one I sent out this year was short and sweet, but what I really wanted to say was this: Child A lost her cell phone privileges due to downloading $160 worth of games and Child B lost his bus riding privileges. Here's to another year of towing the line. (There was more I wanted to say there, but my husband said I couldn't post it.) If someone sent me a card like that, I'd frame it.

  • I became a reluctant vegetarian this year and then was given a Christmas turkey by my company's president. It was delicious. Oh, and this week I had bacon. Is 6 meat-free days out of 7 ok? It's going to have to be. 

  • I gave my mom a Kindle for Christmas, which is a little like giving her a crack addiction. We call each other: What did you read this week? It is so wonderfully fun, but I have a hunch nothing else is getting done at her house and her Amazon bill for books might end up looking like what my daughter did to a certain cellphone bill. At least, we are bettering ourselves with our Kindles though, as this week my mom and I read Henry James' Washington Square. I need to reread Wuthering Heights soon. It's like a nineteenth-century Jerry Springer show. Umm, bettering ourselves is a relative concept in light of that last comment.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may this year be one that is full of goodness. I can say, as hardship has transitioned to simply overwhelming busyness, that I am about as content as I have ever been, and am looking forward to this year-- my husband's hand in mine, our children in our hearts, the idea of home as warm and comforting as ever.

Love to you--


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