Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memorable Moments in Virginia Horse Journal

Every so often, I accomplish something. This month, Virginia Horse Journal graciously agreed to publish a little piece for its Memorable Moments section. I am here on page six. You'll have to wait for the PDF to load and then magnify it to read, but really, truly, there I am in my preferred universe--the one of hard copy.

When my riding instructor contacted me excitedly to say she had read my work, I asked her to read it to the horse who inspired it. Wonder if he gives out hoofprints as an autograph?

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  1. The Bedouin say that Allah took a hand full of the southerly wind and blew his breath over it, and thus created the horse. The horse represents the best of what humans see in our selves; grace, strength, and beauty. The connection between horse and man is as old as civilization itself. Without our equine partners, we would still be just hunter/gatherers eeking out a subsistence existence in a cold, uncaring world.
    The horse is man's first experience with speed. Across their backs, we rode to victory and conquest. We imagine ourselves as knights or in a cavalry charge, the hoof beats stir our blood.
    The Arabs say that the horse is god's gift to mankind. That a largely undeserving group of hairless monkeys should rate such a wonderous animal is beyond my comprehension. But I am with Winston Churchill, that no hour is wasted that is spent in the saddle.


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