Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Have a Muscle

So, weeks after dedication to exercise and self-control over what I eat, I found a muscle. It's in my right bicep. This morning, not believing it was really there, I poked it. The flesh sprung gently back into place. It did not swing, vibrate, or jiggle. I appreciate this and should reward the little muscle for its sudden emergence. Unfortunately, my left bicep is not as sure about the gains of fitness, and my triceps are in complete denial.

Yesterday at the barn, I learned that while my appearance does not necessarily reflect my hard work, the endurance is there. From 9:30 to 1, I shoveled poo, wheelbarrowed poo out of the barn, swept out the barn aisle, and worked with a horse. I was comfortably engaged in doing all of those things, and able to tolerate the 95 degree heat. When I left, I was tired and thirsty, but for the first time in weeks, not sore. Even today, except for a heat-induced headache, the signs of yesterday's labors are too mild for complaint.


We should celebrate with cake!

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