Monday, February 7, 2011

Nothing Deep Here--Just a Vent

I am always on the lookout for a better job and have the occasional frustration of sorting false advertising from genuine employment solicits in my email box. Today, I received this one:


We have retrieved your info on our partner job database. Having reviewed your CV comprehensively we concluded that you may possibly be a perfect employee for the career we propose.

Business description: the big worldwide financial group operating in the area of medical payments wants an individual for the employment of Account Manager in US. Our offices are based in Germany, Japan, England and US.

Job specifications: the assignment of Account Manager is to process incoming payments and bank transfers from US clients.

Person specification:

- possibility of remote work;

- experienced PC user;

- US citizenship;

- Age: +21

- Responsibility, decency.

Wage conditions: 8% charge from each settlement/bank transfer plus $2300 month-to-month during the trial period and $3000 per month plus 8% from each settlement/bank remittance after the trial period.

Please forward your resume to us via email.


Come now! You can’t be serious! The email states that my CV has just been reviewed (as it is posted on a few job boards) and then at the end, the writer asks to see my resume. Genuine letters are written personally and hold specific information. My name would be there. Information gleaned from my resume would be there. When I check the details on the sender, there is a yahoo email, not a corporate one. There isn’t even a corporate name mentioned in the email itself. There are mistakes in grammar and missing punctuation, and the spacing is formatted like that of a flyer. This is obviously one of those information phishing scams (redundant, I know). Who responds to letters like this? Sorrowfully, there are individuals who must because letters like this keep coming.

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