Friday, January 28, 2011

Equine Wonder

We spend Saturdays at a horse ranch outside of town. My daughter, who tells me riding "makes everything go away", learns how to clean horse feet, move gently about the barn and its critters, and gains confidence in more and more time off the leadline. Two weeks ago, we arrived in time to be greeted by a sudden snowstorm. I pushed my children into the shelter of the barn and waited with equine company for the wind to die and the raining flakes to cease.

The horses quivered in the cold and darkness. Some called to us for nuzzling and treats, but a few turned to watch the mini-blizzard. One graceful animal stood to the side of his window and breathed rolls of steam against the churning flakes that wafted into his stall. His silhouette against the cascading white, the glistening of light on groomed mane and fur, and his ears twitching, the horse leaned and looked out, puffing and musing on winter in its surprising beauty. Snow must be a sight magical to even a beast.  

Unfortunately, we did not bring our camera to capture the horses enraptured by snowfall, but I do have other pictures. Below are just a few. They are from two different barns and different seasons.

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